Writing The Angel's Riddle

Writing The Angel's Riddle was a labor of love. Why did I feel it necessary to spend five and one-half years researching and developing the material to create The Angel’s Riddle?

The book of Revelation is severely under-used. As it turns out, the first three chapters of the Revelation speaks clearly to what each congregation of the Kingdom of God should be careful of as they go about their daily functions. Jesus makes it abundantly clear what He is pleased with and what displeases Him.

A Message of Encouragement and Hope

The bulk of the Revelation presents encouragement to those beleaguered first century Christians by letting them know that Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit know what they are enduring at the hands of the Romans. The message of the Revelation goes into great detail as to how Jesus will methodically destroy the Roman Empire and save those that endure the tribulation they are experiencing. Jesus also makes it clear that the citizens of the Kingdom of God include the faithful from the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Finally, Jesus describes how God sees His kingdom as a light to a dark and broken world until the end of days, and that any and all future attempts by Satan to destroy the Kingdom of God will be defeated just as Satan was defeated from destroying the kingdom in the first century, using the Roman Empire as his weapon of choice.

Lots of Viewpoints, But Only One is Correct

There are six major beliefs, theories, or viewpoints regarding the Revelation. They are vastly different from each other therefore, they cannot all be correct. We are talking about a lot of significant so-called Bible scholars that don’t agree with each other. It is a very controversial document.

We cannot agree to disagree

With a little preliminary research I found that the Revelation had a very close relationship with the Old Testament and the book of Daniel in particular. I also became aware while doing a completely different study in the New Testament that the New Testament, which includes the Revelation, should be in total agreement with each other. It only makes sense that Jesus’ teachings to his Apostles, that eventually became the Bible, would all agree. So the NT I found, had to be the Validation and Verification manual for whatever message the Revelation might have to say.

What's Next for the Angel's Riddle?

I will be offering classes on key subjects from The Angel’s Riddle that will include:

  1. The Symbolic Number 1,000.
  2. Definition of Timeframes in Terms of What is a Short Time and what is a Long Time.
  3. The Revelation is a Message Coded in Symbology and Imagery Based on the Old Testament.
  4. Solving the Riddle of the Angel in Revelation 17.
  5. Context.
  6. The Revelation Message is not in Conflict with the New Testament Message.
  7. The Judgment Against Rome, the Seven: Seals, Trumpets, and Plagues.

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