Christians in Business

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Christian Values in a Business World

The business environment is the place we all go to make a living. Face it, for many business leaders it's a jungle out there. It's difficult to navigate with sound Christian principles in the dog-eat-dog world. Join Jim in scripture, study, and discussion on how to be a better business leader, while still holding strong to your Christian values. With over 50 years in Fortune 500 America, Jim provides insight and skills in business leadership and management that have stood the test of time. For non-managers, follow Jim as he provides insight and understanding on how to further your career without compromising your values.

Christians in Business

Join in our discussions with Christian business leaders and Christians in the workplace to learn how to lead or operate a business unit profitably without compromising Christian values.

If you want to move into management at any level, we can help you prepare yourself to make it possible.

The bottom line is, you should want to become valuable to the business unit or company you work for without compromising your Christian values. The first challenge you may have is understanding what goes into a successful company; what makes it work?

In order to obtain a good foundation in business organization and operation you must expose yourself to information that will make you knowledgeable. 

Classes and books coming soon.

The Integrated Business

All businesses will, at some point in time, become integrated. Either the Owner/Management will decide how the business is integrated or the employees will decide.

If management doesn’t take the time and effort to plan and implement how their business is to operate in an integrated manner, the employees will be forced to make and implement their own methods.

The employees will do it out of self-preservation.

The employees at the lowest unit level know they have a responsibility to other units and other units have an obligation to them to make the involved units work together. What is missing is the big picture and what management wants each unit to do. Over time the business integrated by employees will usually begin to fail due to lack of management oversight and planning. Then the problem is a business turnaround. Before we get into the integration process, we will look at the turnaround process. This will make the integration process easier to understand. 

Classes coming soon.

The Turnaround Process

The Turnaround Process is very complex.  It is a complex process because it addresses a very complex subject, the business unit.  The business unit can be an entire company or organizations within a company.  A business unit is made up of facilities, furnishings, equipment, data and information, legal constraints, product and/or service lines, relations with other companies, relations with customers, and finances.  But most of all it is made up of people.  Because people are involved, the business unit is also made up of culture, conflict, emotion, ideas, concepts, planning, agendas (both corporate and private), communications, travel, training, responsibilities, accountability, incentives, morale, skills, capabilities, organizational structure, job standards, and turnover.

In order to accomplish a successful turnaround of a business unit there needs to be a good understanding of what a good business unit should look like.  This understanding will aid in the needs assessment that must take place first, in order to determine the depth of turnaround required. This book will address turnaround and end with the description of an integrated business.

Job Standards and Their Affect on Business

This book will take you through step-by-step procedures and processes to enable you to determine job standards. The Job Standard is basic to knowing what your operating costs are and how much profit you will make and are making at any current time. There is a wealth of information in this book and its related lessons.

Goals and Objectives and How to Implement Them

The establishment of Goals and Objectives on a company-wide basis is vital to the company achieving success in the marketplace, to include doing business with government entities. This book shows how to set up the process of defining a company’s goals and objectives from the Chief Executive Officer down to the individual worker bees. The result, when properly done, creates a company-wide team. The process of establishing goals and objectives also plays into the success of Job Standards and the performance management process.

The very positive fallout of the goals and objectives process, is the ability for employees at all levels to see clearly how their efforts contribute to the overall company Mission Plan (covered in The Integrated Business book).

The Basics of Business and How to Prosper as a Christian

The business world is the place we all go to make a living. For some, it may be self-employment of some sort and for others it will be as an employee. In either case, Jim's upcoming book and related courses provide useful information for you to apply to your specific work environment, gain a better perspective on how to manage a team, or for non-managers to understand their role in the corporate climate.

The Basics of Business & How to Prosper as a Christian

The Basics of Business and How to Prosper as a Christian

The Basics of Business and How to Prosper as a Christian, is an upcoming new book. Along with this new book will be a series of business courses regarding how the Christian worker or manager can thrive in business, by practicing their Christian ethics. This book will be the first in a series of books related to business subjects.

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