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A Critical Analysis of the Book of Revelation




A Critical Analysis of the Book of Revelation - This comprehensive study is now available in hardbound, paperback and electronically in both Kindle (at Amazon) and Nook (at Barnes & Noble) versions.

The Angel's Riddle by Author James V. Head

Why You Should Buy The Angel's Riddle

The Angel's Riddle is a comprehensive study with commentary of the book of Revelation that clearly explains the confusing and often misunderstood symbols and images used by Christ and His Angel in John’s vision. It explains the meaning of the various symbols and images used regarding the seven: lamps, seals, trumpet blasts, and plagues, as well as time relationships, and the controversial symbolic number 1,000. It explains in vivid detail how the reader can find these answers within the Bible as a whole. It is a workbook that requires participation. 

Having said that, the reader can take my word for everything and just read the book, no study required. However, I would prefer that the reader would use the chapter one, Study Guide, and truly learn the Revelation message.

The book of Revelation is rarely taught in Sunday schools or from the pulpit due to the complex nature of the hidden or coded message delivered to John. It was obvious to me that it is written in code using symbology and imagery from the Old Testament. Using my critical analysis skills from my life in the defense industry, I wanted to take the book apart piece by piece, using only scripture, to define and explain what the message from Christ and His Angel, given to John by a vision, meant. If we could understand what the message was and how it applied to the first century Christians, then we could figure out how it applies to all generations to come.

In summary, The Angel’s Riddle is a step-by-step break down of the Revelation message, and its use of symbology and imagery. I walk the reader through each message segment giving a thorough explanation of what the symbols and imagery from the vision mean, and provide ample scripture from both the Old and New Testaments to back up my findings.

The Angel's Riddle is not a “tell-all” book where an author promises to impart a great mysterious secret, however, it will dispel myths, misunderstandings, and fiction-based stories and lead the reader to understand, finally, that Revelation was written specifically for first century Christians, first.

The overall goal of The Angel’s Riddle is to assist readers to understand the book of Revelation, not view it as some strange document they cannot comprehend. The language within it is difficult, but once a reader 'gets' what was written, the book makes perfect Biblical sense.

It was written to the first century Christians first. The Angel’s Riddle shows how their message applies to all of us that have come along since the first century. The Revelation message is a message of encouragement to the persecuted and a warning to those that wish to do harm to God’s kingdom (church). Last, but not least, the book of Revelation is in harmony with the other books of the New Testament. It is not in conflict with them.

The Angel’s Riddle shows how the Revelation is part of the “Good News” gospel, not some far out exception to it. Remember, Jesus taught His Apostles, including the Apostle John, and they wrote about him and his teachings in what ultimately became the New Testament. The Revelation, also from Jesus, must, by basic logic, not be in conflict with what He taught earlier while still on this earth.

If the reader has always wanted to understand Revelation, The Angel's Riddle will help them do just that.

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