Messengers of God Series

I’m working on a series of novels, called the Messengers of God. The first in the series will be out in a few months. The series is based on the premise of Father God deciding to bring revival to this broken world by reinstating a form of the Apostolic Age. The supernatural elements are based on the miracles found in the Bible.

As we go down life’s pathways we often hear, “What would Jesus do?” regarding one thing or another. Since the Bible tells us that when Jesus comes again it will pretty much be over regarding revival, I decided to put together a novel based on, “What could God, the Father do?” That is, what might the perspective of God be if he looked at the earth and its inhabitants with the worst of everything possible happening?

When I say the worst, I mean natural disasters, global financial collapse, societal upheaval, political opportunist, and generally the worst parts of humanity milling around making everything even worse if they can. While, sprinkled into all this are a lot of very good people that end up having to step up and participate in fixing what is wrong, with God’s help.

The Setting for Messengers of God

In this time we are living in, world circumstances have been rough. We have had depressions before and some painful recessions. We have had world wars and a series of smaller wars down through time. Bad times seem to come in cycles. When times are good we tend to forget the bad times and what made them bad times.

Because we tend to not learn from history, sadly, we are doomed to repeat it, over and over. This cyclical repetition caused me to decide on the future for the setting of the series; the novels in the series have different timeframes in the past that all ultimately lead to a final timeframe in the future. This allows time for the reader to think of the future and what might be in store. Hopefully, nothing but good will happen; but, possibly some historical repeats might happen that we would prefer to not happen.

In order to look into the question of what could God the Father do, I projected a future timeframe for the series’ story climax, when all the worst was happening so we could look into the God we worship and based on scripture imagine in a fictional novel what He might do; if He chose to do something. Fiction allows us to look at anything and in many different ways.

I am not big on political correctness; therefore you will not find it in this series of novels. So if you are a political correctness kind of person, you might be offended in some spots. I am an Independent politically; don’t look for me to wave the flag of any political party. However, I tend to pick on anything that is wrong regardless of who committed it.

I hope that reading this novel will cause those that have never read the Bible before to pick up a copy and read it. I hope that young people will look at God as the hero and not Satan. It is disturbing to me to see so many young people growing up and adopting poor role models and gravitating towards the “dark side” while the good stuff from, “the kingdom of light,” has a lot to offer.

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