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What is God Like?

What is God Like – Research for Messengers of God

By mrshaffly / November 11, 2017

What is God Like? Imagine, if you will, what God is like in size, substance, intelligence. My curiosity on what God is like is what I contemplated when began writing the The Messengers of God series. The following material I feel is “food for thought” if you are interested in the supernatural generically and God in particular. Especially if you ever find yourself thinking “What is God like?”.

The Messengers of God Series

Messengers of God Series

By mrshaffly / November 3, 2017

I’m working on a series of novels, called the Messengers of God. The first in the series will be out in a few months. The series is based on the premise of Father God deciding to bring revival to this broken world by reinstating a form of the Apostolic Age. The supernatural elements are based on the miracles found in the Bible.