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A Critical Analysis of the Book of Revelation

If you've ever wanted to understand the message from Jesus Christ, through His Angel, to John in the Book of Revelation, if you've ever been unclear on the meaning of the symbols, images and warnings – then this book is for you. Is it revolutionary? Yes, it is. Does it predict the end of days? No. The Angel's Riddle by author James V. Head is a comprehensive, critical analysis of the coded message sent to the first century Christians during a time of great need — a time of war, a spiritual war with mortal consequences. The Book of Revelation was meant to give them - and us - hope, strength and courage. The Angel's Riddle - A study of the most difficult book of the Bible.

The Book includes detailed analysis of:

The Coded Message, Symbology and Imagery
Solving the Riddle of the Angel in Chapter 17
The Seven Seals, Trumpets and Plagues
The Angel's Riddle Book Cover
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Weekly devotionals, articles and commentary are the mainstay of discussions we approach on the difficult passages and books of the Bible. Read and learn from Jim as we tackle subjects that affect all of us in this sometimes challenging, often intimidating social climate in which we now live. Look for how we establish contact with God, approach the Bible, and apply biblical principles. Also, we will discuss what gives us hope and meaning in following Christ. In order to understand how some elements of our current society impact on our lives, and how we should deal with those elements, we will discuss subjects that include Political Correctness and Diversity. 


The business environment is the place we all go to make a living. Face it, for many business leaders it's a jungle out there. It's difficult to navigate with sound Christian principles in the dog-eat-dog world. Join Jim in scripture, study, and discussion on how to be a better business leader, while still holding strong to your Christian values. With over 50 years in Fortune 500 America, Jim provides insight and skills in business leadership and management that have stood the test of time. For the non-management types, the courses and studies will provide a better understanding of how they fit into the scheme of things and how to move up, if desired.



















Online Classes for Bible Studies

Digital classes to accompany The Angel's Riddle. Filled with detailed lessons, a step-by-step approach, and insight into the analysis Jim took when creating his critical analysis - presented in an easy to follow format with video, handouts and even quizzes. 

What is God Like?

What is God Like – Research for Messengers of God

What is God Like? Imagine, if you will, what God is like in size, substance, intelligence. My curiosity on what God is like is what I contemplated when began writing the The Messengers of God series. The following material I feel is “food for thought” if you are interested in the supernatural generically and God in particular. Especially if you ever find yourself thinking “What is God like?”.

The Messengers of God Series

Messengers of God Series

I’m working on a series of novels, called the Messengers of God. The first in the series will be out in a few months. The series is based on the premise of Father God deciding to bring revival to this broken world by reinstating a form of the Apostolic Age. The supernatural elements are based on the miracles found in the Bible.

Writing The Angel's Riddle

Writing The Angel’s Riddle, A Critical Analysis

Writing The Angel’s Riddle was a labor of love. Why did I feel it necessary to spend five and one-half years researching and developing the material to create The Angel’s Riddle? The book of Revelation is severely under-used. As it turns out, the first three chapters of the Revelation speaks clearly to what each congregation of the Kingdom of God should be careful of as they go about their daily functions.