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Revelation Course - The Angel's Riddle

When you have completed all the modules of the Revelation Course, you will have an understanding of Revelation that few can claim. I provide you all the research and study I've accomplished over a five and one-half year period that resulted in the publishing of The Angel’s Riddle, a critical analysis of the book of Revelation.

You will be able to read and understand the message of the Revelation to the first century Christians who were relentlessly persecuted by Rome and how that message applies to us today.

Because of the extraordinary theories and concepts that have been written on the Revelation, you will find it interesting to see how a decoded version of Revelation is pretty straight forward and not at all complicated.

There are six major theories and concepts that have been applied to the Revelation. They are all vastly different. They are all backed by Bible scholars and religious colleges and universities. However, since they are all different, they cannot all be correct. So which one, if any, is correct?

If you've always wanted to know and understand what Revelation is all about, you are about to receive a world of insight.

Module One, General Introduction To Revelation.

Module One is an overview of the Book of Revelation. The module contains the following lessons:

  • Lesson #1: Who Was the Revelation Message From?
  • Lesson #2: Who Recorded the Revelation Message?
  • Lesson #3: Who Was the Primary Audience?
  • Lesson #4: Where Was the Revelation Message Written?
  • Lesson #5: When Was the Revelation Message Written?
  • Lesson #6: How Was the Revelation Message Presented or Revealed?
  • Lesson #7: Why Was the Revelation Message Written, and What Was the Message?

Module Two, Key Subjects From The Angel’s Riddle.

Module two covers the Key Subjects from The Angel’s Riddle. These lessons are an introduction to the remaining modules.

  • Lesson #1: The Symbolic Number 1,000.
  • Lesson #2: Definition of Timeframes in Terms of What is a Short Time and what is a Long Time.
  • Lesson #3: The Revelation is a Message Coded in Symbology and Imagery Based on the Old Testament.
  • Lesson #4: Solving the Riddle of the Angel in Revelation 17.
  • Lesson #5: Context.
  • Lesson #6: The Revelation Message is not in Conflict with the New Testament Message.
  • Lesson #7: The Judgment Against Rome, the Seven: Seals, Trumpets, and Plagues.

Module Three, The Symbolic Number 1,000.

Module Three, The Symbolic Number 1,000 is one of the keys to understanding the coded Revelation message. This key, when decoded, explains why the other books of the New Testament do not mention a millennium.

  • Lesson #1: Symbology and Imagery Used in the Revelation
  • Lesson #2: Symbolic Numbers Used in the Revelation
  • Lesson #3: The Significance of the Symbolic Number 1,000
  • Lesson #4: How the Symbolic Number 1,000 was/is used in the Old Testament
  • Lesson #5: How the Symbolic Number 1,000 is Compounded With Other Symbolic Numbers to Show Complete, Completeness
  • Lesson #6: How the Symbolic Number 1,000 is used in the Revelation
  • Lesson #7: Jesus Fulfills Promises He Made in the Beginning of the Revelation, in Chapter 20 of the Revelation
  • Lesson #8: Implications of the various millennium theories
  • Lesson #9: End of Days

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